Having an Off and On Switch is a ‘No Brainer’

Our systems come with control and monitoring. We can integrate other room conditions into our smart control center, Cortex. Each room can be set up with various ‘scenes’ for everything from a ‘soft’ lighting wake up to additional sound effects. Systems can include integrated widespread green light disbursement for easy visual support when tending plants during dark cycles.

The Cortex center allows the grower the ability to monitor and control lighting, environmental conditions such as heating/cooling, humidity, CO2, and even cameras and area access all from a hyper-secure app on your smart phone. Information such as monitoring and sensors are important, but if you cannot respond to that information, it does little good.

Control is the minimum in intelligence; simply stated, table stakes to the game. As we integrate the latest in business intelligence applications our Cortex will offer you the ability to increase your operational aptitude. This translates into superior business management and superior cultivation results. Integrating and applying these technologies into your operations will result in Smart Systems, Smart Management, Smart Execution and ultimately, Smart Money.