The Infinergy Super Grow™ system uses state-of-the-art technology to revolutionize the cannabis industry.
It all starts by obtaining the energy needed from natural sources: Wind, and the sun.

Superior Battery Storage

Once the energy is gathered it is transferred to our leading edge high efficiency storage system. The DC power storage cube can last up to 40 years.

Energy is then Transferred Straight to the Infinilight™ Fixture

No delays. No problems. Straight from the source


An average incandescent grow bulb typically lasts 3,500 operating hours, the average grow will spend over $250,000 in bulb replacement over the course of 5 years. In comparison, standard led lights and fixtures are rated at over 50,000 hours/ with the Inifinilight lasting over 100,000 hours.

Bring All of these Technologies Together…

And you get the most advanced, environmentally friendly, and the most efficient way to grow Cannabis.

Which means you go from this…

…to THIS.

The Infinergy Super Grow™ System produces a higher amount of crops and bigger Cannabis plants while maintaining an ultra low carbon footprint.

This is the Infinergy Super Grow™. This is the future of Cannabis. And it’s here today.

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