Imaging a ‘grow’ day without clouds or inclement weather. We have cracked the sun’s code to deliver a fully optimized cannabis specific, high yield light spectrum. This is made possible through today’s highly evolved LED cultivation technologies.

Not only can we deliver a superior quality of light, but we do so directly from the energy of the sun with our patent-pending solar powered cultivation lighting – Pure clean energy…. Your plants and your customers will enjoy the first cannabis products ‘sealed with a photon kiss’.

And, if we don’t have enough roof space for all that solar, you’ll still benefit from the energy savings our AC powered LED lights offer.

But wait, there’s more…

All of our solar lighting and energy packages are eligible for a 26% federal tax credit… Your SCT Consultant will give you all the details on this amazing program. Restrictions apply and the tax credit is going away, so act now to get your maximum benefit.


Over the course of the past three years, we have spent tireless hours perfecting the indoor high yield 48vdc lighting fixture. This advance allows us to power these fixtures with renewable energy sources.

Our partnerships with US and foreign lighting manufacturers allow us the ability to produce:

  • Custom Spectra
  • Custom Optics
  • Single Canopy applications
  • Vertical Grow Applications
  • Greenhouse Light Augmentation
  • Vegetative and Bloom Phase Variations

The Final Word on LED lighting and Cannabis Yield –

There are uninformed growers who might say that the ‘jury is still out’ with regard to LED lighting for cannabis. We are here to tell you that the jury is out and the evidence is overwhelming… properly installed LED’s constantly out-perform HID and HPS by 5-20% in yield. Not to mention the reduction of energy use, bulb exchange and reduced cooling requirements. The average grow of 10,000 square feet will spend over $250,000 in bulb replacements over the course of 5 years.

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