The Drive to
Zero Carbon Cannabis

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Seems like a tall order: To convert an industry from one of the most environmentally destructive to one that leads all commercial and industrial industries in having an ultra-low carbon footprint. It is a complex set of challenges that face us. Challenging and complex, you bet – but not insurmountable. As a matter of fact we are well on our way to chop a cannabis operation’s carbon footprint in half.

Here’s the plan. First, let’s take a look at your indoor grow facility’s energy use:

Lighting = 44% AC = 40% Other = 16%

We decided to tackle the biggest culprit first: Lighting. As you can see, the lighting share of the pie is the largest. After that comes climate control with its condensing and distribution requirements. Then there are other operational functions.

By being able to cut carbon-based energy use with the InfiniLight system, we are addressing up to 44% of the energy issue with lighting.

But wait, there’s more. LED’s, especially our DC to DC LED configuration, have no driver to create heat. We anticipate cooling costs to drop by up to 45%. These two factors combined can lower an indoor grow operations carbon footprint by over 50%, immediately.

Even now we are addressing the next offender on the energy chart: Air handling. Our engineering team is currently working on 48vdc variable stage blower motors. After that, we’ll address the super offenders: Condensers. The rest of the appliances, such as wall fans and fertigation pumps, are very simple to adapt to a native DC environment.