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In order to really understand the limitations of renewable energy in the cannabis space, we need to remind ourselves why we would want to employ solar energy for our grow operation. It is our collective experience that dictates that most cultivation operations must have a financial metric that is supportive of the operation’s financial goals. Simply stated: the deal has to pencil out; breakeven rapidly, and provide a viable alternative to conventional and carbon-excessive incandescent lighting both in yield and operating costs. Click here for an explanation of your utility bill.

As explained in our story, a cannabis facility has such a high usage and demand load and such limited roof space; the 50% of the bill offset the conventional solar system offers along with a very small offset percentage is not nearly enough to justify the investment. This is the simple reason there are virtually no cannabis operations utilizing solar energy.

But there’s a problem: CANNABIS’ DIRTY LITTLE SECRET.

Cannabis production is one of the most environmentally stressful and destructive industries in the US. In Colorado there are around 400 indoor/greenhouse cultivation facilities. The energy draw from these growers equals 8 percent of Xcel Energy’s total load…. That includes approximately 80% of all Colorado residences and businesses. Millions of residents and tens of thousands of businesses, industrial complexes, government facilities… 8 percent for 400 operations.

The future of cannabis will have energy and lighting mandates imposed upon grow operations. Look at the California energy situation; huge demand along with huge solar back feed is placing enormous strain on the grid. Grid tied solar installations are not an appealing option for these utilities as the back feed is greater than the current grid can bear.


Can you survive a 36 watt per sq ft regulation implementation?
What would you do?

The Infinergy/InfiniLight solution is the only viable option to blend the best of LED conversion with renewable energy integration and demand load abatement.

Lastly, there are strategies which allow for the 26% Federal Tax Credit to be applied to the entire Infinergy/InfiniLight System. Your SCT team member can inform you on all the applicable benefits and incentives you are eligible for.

Solar Cultivation Technologies has cracked the code on making renewable energy work and offer rapid pay back with a virtual unending renewable energy source – saving thousands of dollars in avoided energy costs.

Find out about cannabis' dirty little secret