The Real Magic:
DC to DC

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Our “LED” Moment

The ‘LED’ moment happened for us when we reversed engineered the whole LED lighting and energizing process. It turns out that all LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) requires a direct current energy source. And, since all cultivation facilities are powered up by the AC (alternating current) grid, a ‘driver’ was required to convert the alternating current into direct current – DC. That is all well and good, however, when a cultivation facility wishes to employ any sort of renewable energy upgrades, an interesting set of conversion inefficiencies begin to occur.

All renewable energy generation systems create electricity in direct current.

Residential and commercial applications alike must then invert that direct current electricity over to their grid-compatible alternating current home or business. In the case of the cannabis grow operation, a DC solar system that inverts the electricity to alternating current in order to power a driver, which then re-transforms the electricity back to direct current, which in turn energizes the LED, is extremely inefficient! It didn’t take long for us to ask the question; “What if we jettisoned the inverter and the driver and just powered the DC LED directly from the DC solar energy source?” After which we were promptly alerted to this question: “How can we energize a high intensity, high yield cannabis lighting fixture specifically for flowering purposes and do so from a primary direct current energy source, both during the day and during the night?” Storage became the answer. Specifically, 48vdc multi cycle – commercial battery storage.

Energy comes directly from the storage center which is charged during the day with the excess energy the solar panels are creating after they feed the demand from our 48vdc LED high-yield flower lights.