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And lest you think we have our heads completely surrounded by huge pink clouds, we know the current AC electric grid will never be replaced with a DC grid. The idea is to do the best we can with what we have. We offer the best of direct current applications along with the best of alternating current optimization. For us, if it makes financial sense, we then have a moral obligation to our planet and her inhabitants to employ these clean conserving and efficient systems.

Regardless the challenges that face us, we are on the relentless pursuit of zero-carbon cannabis and are excited to make the journey with you.

Circles of Life

In order for terrestrial life on earth to exist there are two primary elements and two primary conditions which must come together in just the right way in the right proportions. As we look more specifically at the world of terrestrial plant life, it boils down to the 9 cardinal parameters


The point that all academics and plant biologists will agree upon is that Light is primary in life and the principal driver among the 9 Cardinals. It used to be we could only work with the sunshine that was available on any given day during any given season.

We had to adjust and address the other 8 Cardinals in order to produce a harvest. With the development and perfection of LED lighting we can create any spectrum of light at any intensity, anywhere and virtually any time. Simply stated; we have developed the ability to recreate the absolute best growing light for our desired crop and do so without clouds, rain, snow or any other lighting impediment.

But, here’s the danger: If we do indeed change the light, then everything else changes. We change the light and the air and climate dynamics change, water uptake changes, nutrition metabolization changes, everything changes.

The point is that as we move to a 100% LED lighting environment in indoor agriculture the deployment of an LED fixture is more complicated than simply plugging it in where the former HID lamp was mounted.

Change the Light – Everything Else Changes


Solar Cultivation Technologies is able to offer the finest in lighting and environmental transition support and technology. We have partnered with the leading LED cannabis master cultivator and the leading US high intensity, high yield LED manufacturer to ensure your cultivation satisfaction.

Coupled with our industry leading and proprietary monitoring and control interface – CORTEX – we are able to offer any cultivation facility the ability to increase efficiency and revenue while having made a monumental shift away from carbon based energy.